GEG speaker meet-up is listed as one of the four events that a GEG chapter can organize. The official GEG website describes speaker meet-up as an “interactive and often evening meet-up, [where] speakers present on certain topics and facilitate interactive discussions where the audience can ask questions and also share their experiences.”

In this post, I would like to share some tips on who to invite as a meet-up speaker in your GEG chapters.


1. Someone who has a heart for teachers.
On most occasions, I invite teachers to become speakers for GEG meet-ups but that is not always the case. There may be instances that you need someone who has an experience in technology but is not really a teacher by profession. Also, there may be times wherein you need a speaker who is a businessman, a community leader or even a culinary expert. The point is, we shouldn’t be discriminating about the profession of the speaker but ensure that that person has a heart for teachers (or in a larger sense, Education) and is willing to give an hour or two for your GEG chapter.

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2. Someone who comes from other GEG chapters.
There is a growing number of GEG chapters in most Southeast Asian countries now. You can consider the possibilities of requesting other GEG chapter representatives to talk in your events.

In my chapter, I asked Roxanne Fuentes (community leader of GEG Cagayan de Oro) and her co-leader, Jessie Andallasa to give a lightning talk at Teachers Fair. Both speakers took the two-hour bus ride from Cagayan de Oro to Iligan, to just give the talk. It is both heartwarming and inspiring for our participants.


3. Someone who comes from other Google community chapters.
There may be other Google communities in your area such as Google Business Group (GBG), Google Developer Group (GDG) or Google Students Ambassadors (GSA). You can tap into these resources and give a different flavor in the way you do speaker meet-ups.


4. Someone who volunteers.
It has been a practice in GEG Iligan to not give monetary gifts to our speakers. Instead, we give t-shirts, swags (material gifts) and snacks to them. So during the invitation phase, it will be best if we establish expectations with the speakers. A resource person who would give his/her valuable time free of charge definitely has a volunteer’s heart. Go and look for those kind of people.


5. Someone who is passionate in his/her field.
There are many talented people in every community and your chapter is no different. In our experience, we were able to ask a nationally renowned children’s book author to talk about content creation during the Doodle4Google meetup. Also, we invited a 2014 outstanding teacher awardee from Metrobank Foundation to be our keynote speaker during the Teachers’ Fair. While it is good to network with many people outside your city, it is equally important to tap local talents for your GEG events. Plus, your speakers need not travel far to attend your event.

May these 5 tips help you as you scout for your next GEG meet-up speaker. Always remember this: CONTENT IS KING. Make sure that your speakers know the scope and limitation of their talk so that they can deliver effectively what you want them to share to the group.

Also, please leave other suggestions in the comment boxes below.