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Being [or becoming] a GEG leader is a challenging task. Managing a community of teachers is no small feat. So, at the start of it all, it is imperative to select a co-leader to assist GEG leaders in their chapter. In Southeast Asia, the practice is that GEG leaders not only select a co-leader but create a team of leaders called a core group.

With the help of fellow GEG leaders in Southeast Asia, I have compiled here 10 qualities to look for in a co-leader or core group member. I hope that this will be a huge help for you. Whether you are starting a GEG chapter or sustaining one.

1. They are your friends. It is always a delight (most of the time) to work alongside with your friends. You know how to work with them and that is already a great thing to consider.

2. They share the same experiences with you. Shin Yee Tan, community leader of GEG Happy Garden, said that you need to look for co-leaders who sit on the same boat with you. You can choose people who are also as passionate as you are in pushing or improving the use of ICT in education.


3. They have good working skills. Reynante Infante, community leader of GEG Dagupan, shared about 80-20 scheme when you look for co-leaders: 80 percent character and 20 percent skills. Be reminded that some people may be skilled but do not have good working skills.

4. They know how to manage their time. Roxanne Fuentes, community leader of GEG Cagayan de Oro, said that “ a [co-leader] or core team member for GEG is somebody who is able to manage his/her time well because planning, executing, and evaluating GEG activities demand time, attention and action. Personally, I would like to have core members who are able to do their assigned tasks for GEG efficiently, despite the activities they do outside GEG.”

5. They are responsible. Paul Bokingkito, community leader of GEG Buug, said that good co-leaders are those that “accept the duties and do not shrink from any work that we have to do. As much as possible, they are those who are against procrastination.”

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6. They share the excitement with you. Yam Gomez, community leader of GEG Naawan, said that it’s good to work with people who are as active and enthusiastic as you are.

7. They understand their roles. Your co-leaders will have different skills in managing the social media component, partnering with stakeholders, handling finances, etc. It will be best to have a clear understanding from the start about what is required from them and what they can contribute to the group.

8. They have creative ideas. GEG gatherings should be fun to entice other educators to join your events. So, look for people who can generate great ideas during brainstorming.

9. They are volunteers. Look for a co-leader who has a volunteer’s heart.

10. They are friendly. Aside from being your friends, your core group members must be friendly. Roxanne Fuentes said that “core team members for GEG are people-persons. Whether communicating with teachers, administrators, or sponsors, I like to have a GEG core team member who is friendly, approachable, accommodating and helpful. It also pays if the person has good PR skills and is able to invite target participants to attend our activities and entice companies to partner with.”

There you have the 10 qualities of a GEG co-leader or core group member. Make sure you add more qualities in the comments.