2015 - 1

When GEG Iligan conducted Teachers Fair in October last year, Yam Gomez, a high school teacher from Naawan sent me a message and asked if she can join the event. I gladly told her that she can join and hoped that she will learn something from the gathering. During the unconference session of the fair, she came up to me and asked me if she can start a GEG chapter in her community. I nominated her in the leaders nomination form and shared some tips on starting one. And the rest as they say… is history.


Naawan is a municipality in Misamis Oriental. It is a 20-minute ride from Iligan. Naawan is also home to a Mindanao State University (MSU) campus situated beside a beach… and yes you have read that correctly. A beach. Aside from the regular university curricular offerings, MSU Naawan has a School of Marine Fisheries and Technology and a College of Agriculture and Forestry.

As I entered the premises of MSU Naawan, I gazed at the tall trees and feel the sea breeze. The GEG meetup was held on January 10, 2015 at the Audio Visual Room and they had more than 30 participants for the event. When I went to Buug, Zamboanga Sibugay for GEG Buug’s inaugual meetup, my GEG co-leader Jun joined me in the trip. For the GEG Naawan’s meetup, Yam invited my fellow GEG leader, Roxanne Fuentes of GEG Cagayan de Oro to come to the event.


I gave a talk entitled Teachers of the Future. During my talk, I shared about the movie Back to the Future II and how the year 2015 was considered as the “future” in the 1980s film. I shared about the characteristics of the teachers of the future and how the GEG community supports the desire of teachers for advancement specially in the area of the use of technology in the classroom. Roxanne, on the other hand, talked about the activities that other GEG chapters are conducting in Southeast Asia. After our talks, we had an open forum so that participants can ask about what GEGs are and what GEGs are not.

All in all, I can say that it was a great inaugural meetup for Yam and her core group. I hope that GEG Naawan will have a fruitful community of teachers.

Currently, there are more than 40 GEGs across the three major island groups in the Philippines and more chapters will open this year.

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