Steven Sutantro is a social studies teacher and an Edtech enthusiast. He was one of the young educators who attended the Google Teacher Academy Southeast Asia (GTASEA14) in Manila, Philippines. Steven is also the GEG community leader for GEG West Jakarta. In the early years of his teaching career, Steven has already made significant contribution in the use of technology in the classroom through his blog Edu Tech Post. His blog post entitled Tweets for Tolerance has won the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika-E Pluribus Unum: Tolerance Blogging Competition sponsored by the U.S. Embassy. This young teacher is also involved in events such as TED Ed Clubs and EdCampID Jakarta.


School: Dian Harapan School Jakarta
Current Position: High School Teacher
Country: Indonesia
One word that describes your teaching style: Creative

What mobile devices and computers are you currently using?
Galaxy Note & HP Laptop

Are there any apps for education you can’t stop talking about lately?
Google Forms, Google Slide, Prezi, Emaze, Powtoon, Schoology

If you can tweak or add a function to your favorite app, what would it be?
An app that can integrate messenger, picture, music & video editor, social media, drive, presentation, mail, sharing and research tools in one stop service will be amazing to amplify student voice in multiple digital forms.

steven (2)

Steven receives the award for Tolerance Blogging Competition (photograph taken from AtAmerica.Or.Id)

What’s your teacher table like?
Computer : to prepare & share ideas & inspiration for my students
Galaxy Note : to have fun reading resources & communicate
Stationery, post it, scratch paper: to keep spontaneous ideas & messages

What is the best time for you to write and generate ideas?
Quiet time in my room/class with my galaxy note/laptop.

Does being a young teacher help you relate to your students better?
Not only being young, but also having growth mindset is the key to relate to my students better. I learn the current trends, interests, and hobbies of my students that enable me to enter their world and make it more meaningful and relevant. It actually makes me younger than ever 🙂


Steven speaks at a TED event in Indonesia. (photograph taken from EduTechPost)


What job would you have if you weren’t a teacher?
Being a teacher has transformed the way I live, think, speak and act so I can’t even imagine if I weren’t teacher.

How do you manage your to-do lists?
Gmail & Google Calendar. I always check them several times a day. It keeps reminding me the things what I need to do.

What’s the best advice on teaching that you received?
I got the best advice at a Coursera course: “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ” Alvin Toffler. It inspires me to be a lifelong learner who consistently learns something, unlearn irrelevant things, and relearn new things.


Steven is GEG West Jakarta’s community leader (photograph taken from EduTechPost)

You are currently a Google Educator Group leader in your area. Can you tell us something more about GEG West Jakarta?
GEG West Jakarta is an incubator of lifelong learner educators who love learning and sharing from each other. It’s a professional development community originally created by educators and for educators. We are still new in town, but soon we will be one of the most ‘disruptive’ innovation in changing Indonesian education.

Fostering Flight is about how teachers can guide their students in following their dreams. As an educator, how do you prepare your students for the future?
Amplify students’ voice by using multiple ways. Start to listen to them and let your students speak in any way they want to do (directly or digitally). Students need to get opportunity to learn and share their ideas & passion. Let them explore and ‘explode’ their unique perspectives and thoughts and enable them to practice, act, and create meaningful and relevant learning experiences.

Give an educator’s name: I would like to see ____ answer these same questions.
Craig Hansen, my co-leader for GEG West Jakarta.