I will always remember Ma’am Becky. She was one of our participants for the Google Apps Training for School Administrators last December 2014. She was seated in front of the class and had the look of a very interested school girl when we talked about the different online tools. That same look of a child who anticipates every magic trick a magician will conjure. Our speaker Inyaki Yuson grew fond of her too that he used her in his examples during the hands-on phase. When Inyaki explained the chat feature of Google docs, he sent a message to her saying, “Becky, maningil na ko sa bayad sa longganisa.” We all had a good laugh.


While we were nearing the end of the seminar at that time, Ma’am Becky looked me in the eye and said, “Mark, I want to bring this training to our school.” I knew then that she was sure of her plans. Ma’am Becky is not just a regular teacher participant in a Google Apps training. She is a principal. She is an influencer. She has the power to introduce the tools in her school. And she means business when it comes to training her teachers.


So last February 6, 2015 my GEG co-leader Jun and I visited her school, Iligan City East National High School- Santiago, to conduct a workshop on Google Apps. They entitled the workshop “Google Apps for Teachers in the Teaching and Learning Process” This was our first GEG workshop for the year and the first zero-based event for our GEG chapter. I consider this workshop a success story. It is an action plan implemented. A concrete result of a training that we envisioned when we conducted a workshop for school principals in 2014.

School principals play an important role in the conduct of GEG workshops. They have to be convinced first before they can convince their teachers to join the training. As an end note, I highly encourage GEG leaders to design your workshops to cater not only classroom teachers but also school administrators.