On March 1, 2004, a reality-based show called Star Circle Quest (SCQ) premiered in Philippine television. It was a talent search for the next teen superstar. After thousands of hopeful candidates joined the competition, the show was down to their final 10 or the Magic Circle of 10. Just like the widely followed American Idol, SCQ held a weekly elimination of contestants until the Grand Questors Night. Hero Angeles was declared the first grand questor and became a household name for weeks. He was teamed-up with fellow SCQ member Sandara Park (now known as Dara of the hit Korean girl group 2NE1) and both made blockbuster films. Hero rose to fame in showbusiness and was undeniably one of the hottest stars of 2004

.2015-02-09 Hero Inkterlace1

Fast forward to February 9, 2015 and Hero Angeles is now a visual artist. He had his first solo art exhibit entitled Inkterlace: A Hero Angeles Interlacing Ink Art. It was quite fitting for Hero to launch his artworks during the annual Philippine celebration of national arts month and to hold it in Iligan City where he resided when he was still a baby. During the launching ceremony, national award-winning playwright Steven Patrick Fernandez said, “The heroism of a Hero Angeles is to abandon showbiz, to wallow in the uncertainties of Art, to keep afloat by one’s sheer talent and the insistence that Art exults, that material gain can not compensate for the exhiliration of profound creation. We are made richer by his decision to abandon the “artista” and become an Artist (with a capital “A”).”


Inkterlace art was coined by Angeles himself. He described this method as “the art of interlacing ink strokes that uses a unique weaving technique to form intricate works of art.” There were 20 inkterlace artworks that were displayed during the exhibit. I brought my Grade 9 students to see the artwork at the Cassalida Theater, MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology. Hero Angeles gave a short talk to the students and showed his other works using soft pastel. colored pencils, crumpled paper and even sauce on a plate. He also has a fascination with micro paintings and inverted image pastel painting.

2015-02-09 Hero Inkterlace

My students were engaged in the discussion and some of them also asked questions to Hero after the viewing of the exhibit. It was a great learning experience for them to understand the logic behind the intricate art of Hero Angeles.

Truly, the real artist Hero Angeles deserved a hero’s welcome in our school and in the city.





Hero Angeles posts his artworks at his official page Artcetero. You can check out all his other artworks in the page.