This is the last entry of the three-part blog series on Battling E-Waste: A PBL Activity. The first part talked about the planning phase and the second part talked about the implementation of the project. After the students created and printed the infographic posters, it was time to start the e-waste collection campaign.

To make sure that the campaign is officially recognized by the school, I wrote a letter to the chancellor requesting a special order to allow us to conduct a campaign and collect e-waste from the students, teachers and staff.


The students started the campaign among their fellow high school students. During the homeroom activity period, the different teams discussed the e-waste collection campaign to their assigned classrooms.IMG_8710IMG_8707

On March 13, 2015, the students visited the different offices in the university. Aside from providing infographic posters, the students also brought “save the date” cards and an e-waste deposit box.IMG_9568IMG_9755

The following offices were visited by the different teams.

Grade 9 Neon
Office of the Registrar (Potato Bonano)
Department of Professional Education (Avante)
Hotel and Restaurant Management Department (DaBomb)
Electronics and Communication Engineering Department (Ehome)
College of Nursing (Grunstoff)
Department of Science and Mathematics Education (KittyCrater)
Electrical Engineering Department (Noah)
Department of Physical Education (Scribblers)


Grade 9 Argon
Physics Department (#TeamBahay)
Marketing Department (5SAS)
Department of Technology Teacher Education (Area53)
History Department (Badoodi)
Biology Department (BarbieDolls)
Accountancy Department (Bumps)
Civil Engineering Department (DaPunks)
School of Engineering Technology (Tsuki)


Grade 9 Krypton
Chemistry Department (Chris)
Chemical Engineering Deparment (Critteria)
Economics Department (Delilah)
Dean’s Office of College of Science and Mathematics (Edea)
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension (Giggles)
Mathematics Department (Nenjah)
Humanities Department (Notpyrk)
Political Science (Salvatore)

e-waste campaign

Medical Services (4Fools
School of Graduate Studies (AFour)
Computer Science Department (Daisukurai)
Information Technology Department (Detour)
Filipino Department (Earthling)
English Department (Eggs)
Sports Development Office (F4ever)
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (Metalheads)

The students returned to their assigned offices on March 20, 2015 to collect the e-waste deposit boxes.


In conclusion, a PBL activity is a good way to teach our students that learning goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. It teaches them that education becomes relevant when it becomes a tool to change behavior and eventually contributes to the development of the society.