Our featured educator’s name is taken from the Latin word aureus which means golden or gilded. Indeed, Aurelius Yeo’s ten-year experience in education is undeniably nothing but brilliant. As a Google Certified Teacher and an Apple Distinguished Educator in Singapore, he is continuously making a large contribution in the field of educational technology.


School: School of Science and technology, Singapore
Current Position: Head of Department, Educational Technology
Country: Singapore
One word that describes your teaching style: Applied

What mobile devices and computers are you currently using?
iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro

Are there any apps for education you can’t stop talking about lately?
Google Classroom. Google classroom is an amazing and intuitive platform that teachers can use in place of learning management systems.

If you can tweak or add a function to your favorite app, what would it be?
I would love Google Classroom to allow students from other domains or sub-domains to join a classroom that was created on my domain. More analytics functions would also allow educators to track the progress of students’ learning.

What’s your teacher table like?
Neat and orderly… I like an environment where I can find my things easily.

What is the best time for you to write and generate ideas?
During the night. That is the time that I have the least distractions and demands from my job.

What job would you have if you weren’t a teacher?
I may have become social worker.

What do you learn from your students?
“Learning” is most engaging when it involves “doing”

How do you manage your to-do lists?
Reminders on my phone and laptop.

What’s the best advice on teaching that you received?
Run with the staff who are willing and ready to run. Do not worry about the staff who needs more time. Students are in fact the best way to inspire them to run.

You are currently a Google Educator Group leader in your area. Can you tell us something more about GEG Singapore? GEG Singapore is a rather new chapter. We have a group of educators who have been meeting and sharing in the local scene. We have only officially termed it as GEG Singapore in the year 2014.

Fostering Flight is about how teachers can guide their students in following their dreams. As an educator, how do you prepare your students for the future?
By allowing the students to apply their learning in the world around them and not let their gain in knowledge be just an academic exercise.

Give an educator’s name: I would like to see _____ answer these same questions. Shaun Kirkwood