Google Educator Groups in the Philippines started on January 2014 and has grown to many chapters all across the country. One of the early adopters of the program was GEG Cebu in the Queen City of the South. The founding chapter was followed by four more chapters: GEG Apas, GEG Mandaue, GEG Barrio Luz and GEG Sugbu. They are collectively named as GEG Central Visayas. On July 24, 2015, the cluster held its first anniversary at Cafe Laguna, Cebu Business Park.




The event started with a word of thanks for the GEG program from Michael Abello, GEG Mandaue leader. Michael also thanked the representative from Google, Ms. Aileen Apolo-de Jesus and Tom Sayer. This was followed by an acquaintance game called Hello-Hello-Hi, a unique way of handshaking among the participants. Ms. Aileen Apolo-de Jesus, Adoption Program Lead for Asia Pacific of Google for Education, congratulated GEG Cebu for being a growing and vibrant community of educators. Aileen shared about how she wanted Tom Sayer to come to Cebu to see what the GEGs are doing and also to discuss the newest professional development program of Google for Education.





Ritchelle Origenes Encomienda, GEG Apas leader, talked about the various achievements of the GEGs in Cebu. She added that educators in Cebu are happier because of the GEG programs. After a year of implementation, GEGs were able to conduct inaugural meetups, blogging and map-making events, summer e-Camp, training for ICT coordinators, on-the-job trainees and basic education teachers, digital alternative learning strategy seminar, teachers day, community outreach program, organizational planning, technical enablement workshop, Google Science Fair orientation and Android One workshop.




Then, Tom Sayer of Google for Education talked about the new Google for Education Training Center. This was followed by a dinner, demo slam of Google apps/extensions and the favorite portion of every Filipino event- picture-taking. Indeed, it was a fun night for GEG members in Cebu.