The Story

Flying does not come naturally to young birds (fledglings); they have to be taught and assisted to be able to finally fly on their own. As teachers, we need to foster the flight of our students by nurturing their abilities and interests and helping them appreciate their discoveries in learning. Students have a lot of dreams and it is the teacher’s role to equip them and encourage creativity in all that they do.

For teachers to foster flight, they have to appreciate their role and be constantly affirmed that they too have their own flights. For how can one teach someone to fly when they can’t fly? This site aspires to rekindle the teachers’ hunger for  growth and desire to constantly give their best to the learners.

This portal will include the following topics:

What’s your teacher story? Inspiring stories from champion teachers.

Google for Education Updates. News about activities related (but not limited) to Google Teacher Academy (GTA), Google Educator Groups (GEG), Google online and local trainings.

Resources for teachers. Lesson plan, project ideas and other uses of technology in the classroom.


The Author

Fostering Flight is founded by Mark N. Plaza. A tech teacher, freelance designer and blogger.